About Us ChiaCups Studio
ChiaCups Studio is a small ceramic studio, founded and run by a creative young couple Filipa Sorko & Antun Ružolčić.
The story about  these charming dotted cups started a few years ago when Filipa wished to have original and unique coffee cups for her kitchen. Her boyfriend  Antun, the academic sculptor, made her a set of first Chia Cups. After Filipa had posted cups on her Instagram @chiacups.studio they received a lot of positive feedback, and decided to open their own small ceramic studio and turn their hobby into a full time job.

 Each ChiaCup is a unique handcrafted piece made by this creative couple with love, in order to enliven and enrich your table and home. Every piece is special and when seen in person, you can appreciate the detailing and attention in it. Each dot is hand painted so that no two pieces are identical.

 ChiaCups Studio is located in a small village of Tribalj, Croatia.  It is an oasis of tranquility and serenity surrounded by mountains. Filipa and Tony enjoy working in their ChiaCups Studio, which is placed in a 100 year old family house. Being artistic and crafty, they have renovated and decorated their work space in their unique creative way. Please get in touch to arrange a visit to studio. You are always welcome. 

 ChiaCups Studio team is busy filling orders as Chia Cups are in high demand, desired and required by many people who appreciate good design and hand made products. But in ChiaCups Studio everything is about quality and uniqueness, not quantity, so there is only small, limited number of ceramic pieces coming out of this studio.


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