All of our ceramics are delicate so please handle them with care and a lot of love.

 Each piece is handcrafted in our studio using the finest materials from our trusted suppliers. Materials that we use are clay, underglaze colours, transparent glaze and 24K golden luster.
All colours and glazes are lead free and food safe.
As some details on our ceramics are hand-painted with 24K golden luster we recommend special and gentle care, which means:
Not suitable for microwave – As golden luster that we use in ChiaCups Studio contains real 24K gold in it, our ceramics are not safe for microwave. Gold is metal and microwaves reflect on metal causing sparks and potential fire.
Not dishwasher safe - Corrosive detergents, softness of the water, too much detergent, very hot water, and other factors beyond our control can lead to deterioration of the glazed and golden surface. That is why it is important to wash them by hand with warm water and straight after use.
We recommend using soft side of the sponge and being extra careful with golden surfaces, as putting too much pressure with rough side can cause damage to the glaze and, in future, leave space for stains.