Chia Cups

Chia Cups come in three sizes. 
SMALL (espresso) 1 dl (H 5.5 x Ø 7 CM)  €20/piece
MEDIUM (cappuccino) 2 dl (H 6.5 x Ø 9 CM)  €25/piece
LARGE (tea) 4 dl (H 8 x Ø 11 CM) €30/piece
Limited Edition Chia Cups come in two sizes, MEDIUM and LARGE. Price for each limited collection Chia Cups is different than the regular collections and will be shown on the product individually.
Limited Edition Chia Cups have different dot pattern, you can choose the drawing, but not the dots on the cup.

Chia Bowls

Chia Bowls come in two sizes. 
MEDIUM (cappuccino) 2 dl (H 6.5 x Ø 9 CM) €24/piece
LARGE (tea) 4 dl (H 8 x Ø 11 CM) €28/piece

Chia Plates

Chia Plates come in two sizes. 

M/L (approx. Ø 16 CM) and they fit perfectly with MEDIUM and LARGE Chia Cups.  €20/piece

S (approx. Ø 12,5 CM) and they fit perfectly with SMALL Chia Cups. €15/piece

Chia Vases

Chia Vases come in three sizes. 
SMALL (approx. H 20 x Ø 7,5 CM) €45/piece
MEDIUM (approx. H 26 x Ø 7,5 CM)  €55/piece
LARGE (approx. H 33 x Ø 7.5 CM) €65/piece


The cup/bowl/plate/vase you see on the product photo is a sample. Each item is one-of-a-kind, varying slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. It will be similar, but never the same as all items are handmade.